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A personal injury happens in seconds.
but the impact is felt for much longer.

Your life changes forever after a serious personal injury or trauma. Thomson Rogers
personal injury lawyers will help you overcome the physical and financial obstacles you
now face. We will put in place the rehabilitation and legal team you need to make the best possible recovery. And we will provide you with clear, comprehensive legal advice
and advocate for your rights in and out of the courtroom. Our commitment is to maximize the compensation you need to help make tomorrow better.

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Our top priority is to maximize your injury compensation, obtaining the best possible money recovery.

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Injury Claims Canada Inc. is dedicated to have best lawyers in its team who represents clients all over Canada. Have you been involved in Car Accident or Slip and Fall, feel free to give us a call. Ask us how you can get an instant loan of $1000 or more against your future settlement. Only Law firm in Canada that loans instant cash against your future claims.

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We at Injury Claims Canada Inc. address various types of accidents that involve injury, in pain, impaired and, frequently, experiencing a loss of income. We deal with Motor vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, birth injuries, slip and falls, long term disability, and all types of misfortune that fall under the broad definition of personal injury.

In some of the cases, personal injury victims are also able to make insurance claims that result in fair compensation. We help in commencing legal action that is the preferred option to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. When you file a civil suit, we will advocate on your behalf to obtain the funds to which you are entitled. Your legal claim for damages is aimed at compensating you for your injuries and/or impairments, and any loss of income you suffer. In addition, our lawyers will seek funds to support your long-term recovery, and address the disruption and upheaval the accident has caused you. When you have been permanently disabled as a result of an accident, your claim for damages will address all of these losses, while also seeking the funds that will provide for your future care costs.

Car Accident

Recovery on Car Accident.

Bike Accident

Recovery on Bike Accident.

Motorcycle Accident

Recovery on Motorcycle Accident.

Truck Accident

Recovery on Truck Accident.

Slip & Fall Accident

Recovery on Slip & Fall Accident.

Faulty Product & Liability

Recovery on Faulty Product & Liability.

Aircraft Accident

Recovery on Aircraft Accident.

Boating & Watercraft Accident

Recovery on Boating & Watercraft Accident.

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